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South Carolina Car Accident Attorney

There is a car accident every six seconds in the United States. It adds over five million crashes a year. South Carolina car accidents kill two and three persons every single day.

Over the past few decades, South Carolina has witnessed on average more than 800 deaths in car wrecks and thousands of injuries every year.

Statistics reveal that South Carolina’s roads are more dangerous than the other states in the USA. Consequently, the state’s death rate in car accidents per 100 million miles travelled is 1.57 which is more than the national average of 1.09.

As per the records and statistics of the South Carolina Traffic Collision Fact Book 2019 Edition, there takes place a motor vehicle accident every 3.7 minutes in South Carolina.

This is why the “Centres for Disease Control and Prevention” declares auto safety a “serious public health problem.”

Many areas in Columbia, Greenville, Summerville, Carolina, Aiken, Charleston, and Myrtle Beach are highly accident-prone areas giving thousands and injuries every year.

South Carolina Car Accident Injury Statistics


Car accidents resulting in serious injuries and mild concussions happen frequently, leaving family members struggling hard and individual victims fighting for the survival of their life.

Given below are some of these statistics that specify South Carolina car accident injuries:

According to the statistics recorded in South Carolina Traffic Collision Fact Book 2019 Edition, there are:

  • One serious accident every 9.4 hours
  • One normal accident injury in every 13.6 minutes
  • One serious property damage accident every 5.2 minutes

Apart from those auto accident injuries, as per the book record

  • A biker gets killed every 3 days
  • A bicyclist gets killed every 13.5 days.
  • A passer-by dies every 2.2 days
  • A teen driver encounters an accident every 1.4 hours
  • A child below 8 dies or suffers from serious injuries every 5.4 days

A car accident lawyer in Columbia, South Carolina

If you or your loved ones were injured in a Columbia car wreck, you can contact a professional car accident lawyer in Columbia, South Carolina. He must be a specialized Columbia car accident attorney who knows the laws giving you legal rights to recover you from the losses through compensation demands for your medical bills, work loss, lost wages, pain, suffering, emotional damages, and more. He must be able to give you satisfactory results. Nichols Injury Law, a dedicated personal injury law firm, is committed to helping car crash victims in Columbia, South Carolina by evaluating their claims at no cost to them. You need results. Nichols Injury Law Firm has the experience to help you get them.

Car accident attorneys in South Carolina will help car wreck victims

After a car wreck what you need the most is money and you need it as soon as possible. This is for your treatment, medical bills, and loss of daily income as you could not go and work at your workplace. Nichols Injury Law Firm has the experience to help you get your money faster. Our paramount interest is to get you all the money you deserve.

Car crashes in South Carolina gives a significant cause of property damage, personal injury, and wrongful death due to someone’s negligence.

If you have met with such an accident and suffered a lot as a consequence of this, you feel tensed and get overwhelmed, thinking about how to survive and move forward. We are committed to aiding you in such a situation. We will discuss with you carefully and listen to you patiently to feel your situation and better understand your case. The chances of getting more compensation increase when you get serious injuries due to someone’s negligence.

Why choose Nichlos Injury Law for car accident attorneys in South Carolina

If you or your loved one is a car accident victim in Columbia, Charleston, Greenville, Summerville, Myrtle Beach or Aiken and suffers from harsh consequences like serious injuries and high medical bills, you can contact Nichlos Injury Law to provide you with sound legal advice and strong support with the detailed case review. Titus Nichols will help you understand your legal rights and options. He will guide you on how to file an injury claim to pursue maximum compensation. Reach Nichlos Injury Law Firm online or offline for a free consultation. A South Carolina auto accident attorney at Nichlos Injury Law Firm will give you the best support and most powerful guidance to win the case in court.


Our strength as a South Carolina accident attorney
  • Our injury law firm works honestly and dedicatedly
  • We are sincere and caring.
  • We listen to you compassionately to feel and understand the situations that you are going through.
  • We have handled all types of accident cases
  • We are well aware of insurance laws
  • We are dedicated to giving you satisfactory results
  • We take the pressure and weight off your shoulders.
  • We evaluate your case at no cost to you.
  • We guide you and file your claim in court professionally
Five important things that you should do after getting a serious car accident injury in South Carolina
  • Call and inform the police about the auto accident
  • Seek medical care
  • Report the accident to the concerned insurance company
  • Gather witness, hard-core proof, and secure relevant evidence
  • Contact a car accident attorney near you

What to look at while choosing South Carolina accident lawyers?


During your selection of a South Carolina accident attorney, you must check the reputation of a law firm and the injury attorneys working there. Nichols Injury Law Firm has been voted as one of the reputable injury law firms in South Carolina.


Experience is another important thing to consider while choosing your car accident attorneys in South Carolinian. Nichols Injury Law Firm has over a decade of experience in fighting for people meeting with an accident in South Carolina, Atlanta and the Augusta area. Nichols Injury Firm has prosecuted over 2000 criminal matters in court.

Success rates

Our law firm has brought millions of dollars for our clients.

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People working at Nichols Injury Law Firm are real fighters. They fight for the clients until they receive compensation for their losses and sufferings.

Contact us to discuss your case with a car accident lawyer in South Carolina. We offer free consultation services.

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